First Meeting

At the end of May 2020, after one of the hardest confinements in Europe, the province of Valencia in Spain is entering its so-called "desacelerada" period, which is the beginning of a return to an almost normal life. I made portraits of foreign women expatriates, refugees who had passed the confinement almost isolated. For most of them, I was the first person they saw since the beginning of the confinement.

  • Agathe, designer and artist from France
  • Lucrezia, translator and artist from Italy
  • Nesrine, singer and cellist from France
  • Mariana, customer advocate from Brazil
  • Magdalini, singer and teacher from Greece
  • Phương Nguyên , manager from Vietnam
  • Danny Caballero Ortega, manager from Mexico
  • Carolyn, architect from Venezuela